The Dry Piece

choreography Keren Levi

In The Dry Piece the disturbed relationship between beauty ideals and contemporary feminine identity are scrutinized. In this performance choreographer Keren Levi uses theatre technique as Photoshops’ paintbrush and contemplates the gap between glamour and labour in a show performed by four naked female dancers behind a projection screen. Inspired by 1930’s musicals of Busby Berkeley and the “The Beauty Myth”, by the postfeminist writer Naomi Wolf, The Dry Piece confronts the spectators with the violence that our gaze inflicts upon the body and the its possible disappearance. Schermafbeelding 2012-07-01 om 1 jul. 15.48.18

Concept and choreography Keren Levi
Dance and choreography Mari Matre Larsen, Orfee Schuijt, Tijana Prendović and Eva Susova
Music Tom Parkinson
Light Design Minna Tiikkainen
Video Assi Weitz
Dramaturgy Igor Dobričić
Technique Paul Schimmel
Photography Daan Brand
Graphic  Design Cubicle Design
Advice Moos van den Broek
Management Irene Noordkamp
Production  st. NeverLike / Keren Levi