Colored invasion

Is a solo performance performed by a personage, or a body that is not static and can be constantly shifting between its identity between its subject and object.

Colored invasion was released in 2 volumes.

Volume 1.


In the volume 1 the performer operates under the rhythmical structures and in the given space and times positions themselves inside of a polyphony which is an attempt to bring streets in to the theater. During the process the performamer oparetes under a motto:

” I want you to know that I’m I as I as I am shifting. Don’t look at me as a one, look

at me as I would be many. Look at me as I would be just flexible object that

transforms it’s shape and therefore also transforms the question of who am I. I

strongly encourage you to even imagine that I would be the only one watching while

you and your neighbors are all doing what youll see me doing. ”

Volume 2.

Volume 2 is performed by Laddy Daddy. Laddy Daddy is an erratic personage that engages in the physical and rhythmical structures and delivers a visceral rap concert.

This rap concert contains of 5 songs that do or not include spoken word. The songs are titled: Opening Rap, Scan of Century , Art Army, Lip Dance and Closing Rap. You are part of accumulation and transformation of energies within rhythmical structures. Lady Daddy is a multiple female body. Her presences on the stage invite you to witness a journey through images, emotions, affects and experiences of past, present and might be future.

concept & choreography : Eva Susova

performed by: volume 1. – body

volume 2.- Lady Daddy

advise: Diego Gil